Enoteca Cotti

L'Enoteca Cotti is an institution of Milan Food and wine. Founded in the early years of this century. It has five luminous rooms furnished in Art Nouveau style, with high shelves along the walls; About 500 m² of cellar; Ten luminous windows overlook the characteristic district of Brera. The Enoteca has more than 1000 labels, a truly prestigious CRU series that allows you to choose the best houses, the unfindable vintages, the collector's bottles (as well as the products at a low price). 

There is also a vast sector dedicated to distillates around the world; Especially there are the Grappas, to which has been reserved a room of the Enoteca: there are more than 500 types, extra virgin olive oils and vinegars.

Compleanno Luigi Cotti 12/11/2010