We point out the tasty regional recipes that you can combine with our wines, for an always different and entertaining food and wine tour

Panettone gastronomico di pesce


 Approaching the parties, but also for a special evening, an original proposal as an appetizer or for an aperitif


1. Smoked salmon with mascarpone cream. slices of cucumber and capers,

2. Tuna bresaola with goat's mousse, sliced olives and capers.

3. Lobster pulp on a bed of lettuce and avocado

4. Sliced smoked swordfish with robiola mixed with parsley and orange pesto (whisk abundant parsley and basil with toasted pine nuts, oil and orange peel).

5. lumpfish roe with robiola and mixed Greek yogurt, fresh marjoram and grated lime peel.


Falerio Pecorino DOC


100% Pecorino


Exposure: South - West

Soil: clayey - sandy

Training method: counter-espalier

Pruning: guyot


Manual harvest in September


Soft pressing of the grapes and fermentation at controlled temperature with aging in stainless steel of 9 months


The aromatic imprint is interesting and varied, from the floral of the camomile and the broom to the fruity of the medlar and the grape.

An aromatic sage print of sage stands out.


Appetizers and fish first courses. It can be combined well with white meats.

Gelette Contatto Classic completo

Available in colors: Black, White, Transparent

CONTATTO is an ideal way to show the bottles at the bar on the bar counter, on the restaurant table, during trade fairs, tasting opportunities and specialized tastings.

It maintains for a long time the ideal temperament of serving sparkling wines, white and rosé wines, beer or mineral water and in any case all other beverages in general.


• Elegant thermal display for bottles;

• It allows to preserve perfectly the appearance of the bottle;

• Allows an ideal service technique without dripping;

• Minimum encumbrance;

• Easily customizable;

• Available in different colors.

Thanks to the cold accumulator of which it is equipped (and which must be previously cooled in the freezer) eliminates all the problems of ice and water;

Can be combined with additional cold accumulator to be purchased separately;

Built using only non-toxic and recyclable products;

Made in Italy