I was born in 1966 and from an early age, I have breathed the magical air of the sale.

I am the son of art, I started my career as a sales representative more than 30 years ago

From my father I learned the accuracy and reliability with both companies, both in the

towards our customers.

I have lived in the first years of the era of the "Milan to drink" and I have seen the changes

that our profession has endured over the years.

Our role today is not what it used to be a simple seller, but we are

"sales consultants".

Over the years I have represented various companies of various sectors of the food landscape,

but they are always curious and looking to discover new sales opportunities.

In the free time, I relax with my family and I cultivate my passions,

food, reading, cinema, the sea.......but my "professional deformation"

never leave me, even in periods of relaxation!!

As he said Totò," Chi si ferma è perduto".

The Story

The story is my father.

He started his passion for the sale at the end of the sixties, stopped by recently.....but don't review, and I often accompanied by his "friends and customers".

In his long career, he proposed that the products of various sectors such as food,

specializing in quality.

It taught me to appreciate clients for who they are and not for the value

the economic are at that moment.

For its customers has always been a friend, a man loyal, professional,

a good person to trust.

Thanks Dad!!